Tango Studio

Access and manage your Tango components from a customized web desktop

Tango Studio offers an easy to access customized worktop with tools specific to your business functions. The components provided in the Studio vary based on individual requirements and permissions, enabling any combination of functionality to be presented based on a business need.
An organization’s IT group may configure its Studio to access Data and Logic components, while the marketing team logs on and uses the Designer only. A separate Administration Studio provides complete access for companies to manage users, assign rights, and allow access to Tango components. 



  • Single Sign-on enables centralized and one-time access to all Tango components.
  • Controlled Access of user profiles to manage specific projects and components.
  • Productivity Helpers provide a variety of optional widgets such as task lists and clocks to keep important information displayed.
  • Customizable widgets for users to set and arrange on choice.
  • Workflow View displays high-level view of on-going activities.
  • Web-enabled access to Tango Studio from anywhere at any time.