The cost effective alternative for rapid application development
With customers facing tough print application challenges in 70 countries worldwide, Elixir is uniquely knowledgeable about what it takes to get a piece of highly customized paper—or, these days, an image on a screen—in front of a company’s customer.

We are the original pioneers in this young industry, and our software and in-house expertise are unmatched for depth and capability. Our customers rely on us to enable them to deliver hundreds of millions of images, printed or displayed, per month, and our track record of success is admired the world around.

Elixir Professional Services

The Elixir Professional Services team provides application development and production transition assistance at reasonable prices. Our services include prototype applications, design migration, and ongoing application development for Elixir products.

Get Started with Development Services

Elixir is the ideal partner for customers who have a specific and immediate need for development of initial applications.

Outsourced Print Resource Management, Creation and Storage

Elixir Technologies provides a cost-reducing alternative to onsite resource creation, editing, and management. Elixir can host all your print resources at our facility, perform all the editing, and create additional resources as you need them.

Busy-Schedule Development

Elixir can step in and provide another layer of development resources for customers who have periodic increases in their programming workload. This gives you the option to staff internally based on your standard production needs yet respond quickly to larger projects as they occur.

Optimize Designs

Elixir can review your designs and make recommendations for both design and production improvements based on your resources and production environment.

Optimize Workflow

Optimization review provides recommendations at the workflow level, including specific design activities, proofing processes, and document production, to help you achieve maximum workflow efficiency.

Installation Follow-up Audit

This is a follow-up review process to ensure the Elixir software installation is running as efficiently as possible in the customer environment. The audit includes a thorough review of product installation, printstreams, and all operation parameters related to the installation and also includes a review of Elixir designs for structure and efficiency. Elixir Professional Services provides a report with recommendations for system modifications to improve production, design optimization and overall workflow.

Print Resource Conversion and Creation
Elixir can provide conversion services for images, signatures and logos into the printer image format.