The cost effective alternative for rapid custom development and publishing system design

Organizations hire us for a variety of reasons, from helping them with hardware evaluation to analyzing how to reduce collection time through personalized communications. Because of our large install base and the enormous variety of projects undertaken by our customers, our consultants are prepared to look at your project with fresh insight coupled with deep experience.

  • Document Production System and Design Integration
    Integrate disparate document generation systems and processes.
  • Business Process Analysis/System Development
    Streamline workflow production processes and modify systems to ensure best performance.
  • Architectural Design/Analysis
    Provide needs analysis and proposal development for organizations looking to integrate new architectures.
  • Custom Product Development
    Provide custom solutions for your unique situations.
  • Archival Auditing
    Examine current archival systems and determine if the processes and files meet the level of regulatory compliance required these days. Eliminate duplicate files, create new indexes and convert to alternate archival formats.
  • Communications Design
    Provide design guidance and training to ensure your documents and other communications are as effective as they possibly can be.
  • Get Started with Elixir Services
    You can take advantage of our expertise for your own projects by retaining the services of Elixir’s consultants or our professional services department. With 20 years of experience in all facets of document production software --- Elixir’s services division can help you build Elixir applications or design your entire system from the ground up and develop custom solutions for specific production requirements.