Rapid Application Development Replaces Coding

Industry: US Township

Result: Eliminates coding, moves to rapid application development

Solution: Elixir’s designer

Situation: Prior to using Elixir’s Solution, the conventional data streams (LCDS) were used and merged with variable mainframe data for printing. Resources for the LCDS applications had to be hand coded making development time lengthy and many projects were delivered late as a result.

In addition the final printed forms were difficult to understand resulting in customers contacting the township about their tax bills and other documents.  This problem could only be addressed with a document development system that could produce high degrees of personalization through variable data and one that could handle graphics, color and special effects.

Goal: Reduce development time and avoid the need to hire and train programming staff. Another important goal was to use color and more graphics to make the documents easier to understand, capabilities that their current printers could not handle.

Synopsis: The township uses Elixir’s VIPP designer for document creation utilizing a design group rather than a programming staff. The documents are now full color and make good use of bar charts and pie charts to graphically represent information on the form such as tax fees. The township has since purchased additional Xerox VIPP printers to handle added production needs. The system can also distribute documents via email using the VIPP Thin printer which generates PDF documents. 


  • Elixir’s graphical UI eliminated the schedule-related bottlenecks associated with  scripted programming projects
  • The new personalized tax notices use helpful graphics to communicate specific billing information
  • Customers make their payments immediately because they understand their tax bill
  • Reduced project length has allowed them to take on additional projects that service the internal organization while continuing to produce all required tax documents delivered on time

Backlog Eliminated and Development Costs Reduced

Industry: US Federal Tax Agency

Result: Eliminated backlog and reduced development time and costs

Solution: Elixir’s document composition and production system

Situation: The agency was looking at a growing backlog of work and could not process any new requests. Forms development and resource editing was a manual process and the combination of a code-intensive procedure and high error rates resulted in lengthy turnaround times.

The situation was made worse because the current system supported a limited number of print streams so only a few of the available printers could be used.

Goal: The agency wanted to eliminate the backlog, be able to keep up with new form design projects without addition to staff and also reduce errors.

Synopsis: By moving all forms development and resource editing to a graphical design application the agency was able to eliminate the need for programmers and the new design process resulted in fewer errors.

The agency was able to eliminate the backlog and begin processing requests for new forms development and make edits to existing documents in a timely fashion. 


  • Manual coding eliminated from the process boosting productivity
  • Backlog eliminated and new projects are delivered on time
  • The agency now uses all available printers instead of being limited to only a few