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E-statements Provide 20% Postage Savings For Middle Eastern Bank

A leading Middle East bank with customers in 50% of UAE households sought a highly personalized statement delivery service. To get a competitive edge they needed:
  • Multi-channel Delivery:
    The bank wanted to expand their statement delivery beyond conventional printing to better serve their customers.

  • Event Notifications:
    Customers needed to be notified of changes in their account details. The bank needed to register customers online for alerts and e-delivery.

  • Pre-sorted Prints:
    Postal service offered extensive discounts on letters sorted by address which the bank could not take advantage of due to missing sorting capability in the existing system.

The bank needed these facilities to seamlessly integrate with their core banking system.

The Elixir solution utilizes Tango's off the shelf components with a state of the art web module to create a system which satisfies all the customer requirements. The solution includes:
  • A high performance document composition system that sorts and splits the input files as per postal codes, making the Bank eligible for discounts on postal charges.
  • A multi-channel output delivery system that lets the bank print, email or fax sorted statements and archive a PDF version for on-demand email and fax delivery.
  • A Web-based registration module that lets the bank’s help desk register customers for e-statement deliveries by simply providing their email and fax information.
  • Email and SMS notification incase of any account changes.

As part of their eco-friendly initiative the bank provides a paperless alternative to its customers while maintaining an efficient and user-friendly service.

  • A 10% mail discount on pre-sorted letters and a discount of up to 10% on mailing other printed material.
  • Thousands of customers signed up for the environment friendly, hassle-free e-statement within days of its launch.
  • LDAP integration hooks up customer's current login details to the system, saving customer the trouble of remembering multiple sign-ons.
  • Customized tools increase help desk efficiency enabling faster response times when working with customers. Reduced loss or delay of revenue by ensuring reliable e-delivery of business critical documents. Status tracking provides proof of email delivery.
  • A consolidated interface for e-delivery, print, fax, file, and SMS.
  • Reduced operating costs and increased customer satisfaction via automated support features.
  • Operational accuracy ensured via event notifications, audit trails and production reports.
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