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The Tango Document Server provides a unified and robust repository regardless of the document type or file format.Open standards support document capture, search, management, collaboration and archival with full library services and life cycle management crucial for compliance, risk reduction and overall corporate efficiency.

Documents are vehicles used to present the results of company business processes and their final format can be print streams, images, email, or PDFs depending on their purpose. Once distributed – either print or to the web – these files can continue to be highly valuable as a view into the company's historical information including compliance requirements and for customer service. . And that value increases exponentially if the files can be managed and searched upon together – regardless of format – in a secure, easy, and cost effective system.

Scalable & Fast

The Tango Document Server is architected to support high content volumes and large numbers of users. Search speeds start fast and stay fast – no matter the size of the database – in contrast to traditional archival and document management systems. Search options include:

  • Metadata
  • Full Text
  • Content
  • Data Location on Document
  • Object Type
  • Multi-category Searches

Library Services

Complete library services including check-in and check-out with version control and auditing to track creation and editing across any number of users. Cross-linking allows documents to reside in multiple repositories but be handled as one document for management purposes.

Build Custom Applications

Find and display actual documents making them available instantly to any line-of-business or customer facing team:

  • Regulatory Compliance Help Desk Applications
  • Reprints
  • Forms Management Application

Image & File Management

Supports all image formats with transformation between many, including:

  • Flash
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • Microsoft Office
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • Print Streams
  • TIFF

The system also provides metadata extraction and management.

Domain Security & Compliance

Role-based security and user management for individuals and groups. Supports single sign-on through NTLM or LDAP. Provides integrated document classification and logging ensuring compliance is performed transparently.

Open Architecture & Platform Independence

Tango Document Server is built on industry standards to allow for easy integration with third party applications providing the flexibility to choose the most appropriate and cost effective platform and environment. Utilizes standards such as:

  • CMIS
  • JSR-168
  • JSR-170
  • REST
  • Web Services

Automate Archive Processes

The Tango Document Server’s automation feature can initiate processes based on user configurations:

  • File Ingestion
  • File Conversions
  • File Delivery to Other Programs

Collaboration and Sharing

Allows users to securely share documents, create threaded discussions, and establish email-based workflows for approval and rejection of the documents. All this is done through a simple yet intuitive web-based interface that can be accessed from anywhere.

ROI Begins Now

Reduces the total cost of ownership by allowing organizations to preserve investments in existing operating systems, databases, application severs, and overall infrastructure.

SaaS Access or On Premise Deployment

Tango provides the flexibility needed for your organization. The web-based architecture and browser access promotes centralization and eliminates the need for managing software across the enterprise whether deployed at your location or hosted by Elixir. In both cases there is a zero software footprint eliminating the need for local installations and associated support and maintenance.


The Tango Document Server extends the value and functionality of other applications by providing storage and retrieval services for document and forms management, archival systems, image management and others. The architecture ensures full scalability and high availability for mission critical applications.

The Tango Document Server is a component of the overall Tango platform which provides a collaborative customer communications management platform able to integrate the people and processes associated with creation, management, archive, and delivery of highly personalized customer correspondence.