Elixir Technologies offers integrated business applications for client communications delivered through a worldwide network of strategic partners.

     Compart AG

Compart AG, founded in 1992, is a well-established manufacturer and provider of software components and services for document management and output management systems.
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       Docucom AG

Docucom is a leading systems integrator in the area of output management, for document preparation and handling, as well as in the migration of data archives. Their 19 years of experience in these areas marks Docucom as the leader in the Swiss market. Behind Docucom are experts who combine entrepreneurial thinking and understanding of your business processes to provide effective and long-term document management solutions.  
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     Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. is a joint venture partnership between the Japanese photographic firm Fuji Photo Film Co. and the American document management company Xerox to develop, produce and sell xerographic and document-related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region. Its headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan. Fuji Xerox is the world's longest running joint venture between a Japanese and an American company.
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     Help Print Solutions

Help Print Solutions provides solutions for enterprise output technologies, document design, content management, and transformation of legacy documents.
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IMDS is the expert when it comes to automated document processing, whether in Automated Document Capture (ADC), Electronic Document Management (EDM), or Automated Document Production (ADP), and has more than 15 years of experience in those areas.
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Océ enables its customers to manage their documents efficiently and effectively by offering innovative print and document management products and services for professional environments.
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PartnerSoft focuses on capture and distribution, transformation, and web composition of resources and documents.
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     Rasterpunkt GmbH

Founded in 1990, Rasterpunkt GmbH is headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany, providing German speaking countries with industry-leading Document Output Management products and services. Partnering with ‘best practise’ providers of document formatting, document resource and document re-engineering tools, paired with in-depth knowledge in related technologies, helps Rasterpunkt customers to meet the challenges of today’s business-to-customer communications. Rasterpunkt supports an extensive client base within the banking, insurance and service industry sectors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
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     Infoprint Solutions Company

Infoprint Solutions Company is a leading provider of output solutions for business customers from small business to large enterprises.
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     The Saints IT Group

The Saints IT Group provides mission critical software and services across a wide range of business domains which including CRM Software Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, Enterprise Business ERP Software and Revenue Assurance solutions, as well as integration services into the Banking, Insurance and Telecommunications sectors.
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     Terrapin Solutions Limited

Terrapin Solutions Limited has been an important member of the electronic printing industry since 1988, supplying printing resources, services and advice. They specialize in high-speed electronic print environments and printers including IBM AFP, Xerox, Océ, and Siemens Native, as well as HP-PCL and Desktop printers.
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     Xerox Corporation

Xerox Corporation, (NYSE:XRX) is the world's leading document management technology and services enterprise. A $17 billion company, Xerox provides the document industry's broadest portfolio of offerings. Digital systems include color and black-and-white printing and publishing systems, digital presses and "book factories," multifunction devices, laser and solid ink network printers, copiers and fax machines. Xerox's services expertise is unmatched and includes helping businesses develop online document archives, analyzing how employees can most efficiently share documents and knowledge in the office, operating in-house print shops or mailrooms, and building Web-based processes for personalizing direct mail, invoices, brochures and more. Xerox also offers associated software, support and supplies such as toner, paper and ink.
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