Elixir Technologies provides solutions that help boost the effectiveness of client communications of all types while reducing the overall cost to develop them.

Printed documents are now taking their place alongside other communication methods including email, web pages, and mobile devices and Elixir, with its Tango solution framework, allows customers to use all of these valuable output methods in an overall communication strategy.

Tango is a component-based architecture that connects the workflow related to high-value communications including content creation, graphic layout, data and logic management, with delivery to print, mobile, and the web. This module-based approach allows companies to structure and deploy the exact functionality needed by individual users regardless of their role within the workflow and can be deployed as a hosted model, a traditional desktop configuration, or a combination.

Tango is a game-changing platform from a veteran company of 25 years in the industry. Since 1985, Elixir has altered the landscape of client communications, being the first to bring visual design of documents to the PC, introducing scalable type to high volume printing, and liberating document formatting from the mainframe.

Elixir is a global company headquartered in Ojai, California with thousands of satisfied customers in more than 70 countries.